Three Food Items

Know What Pav Bhaji!

It is a spicy incubation with a mixture of vegetables, which is  consumed with heated bread gently or with pavs  or crispy fried in butter. Pav Bhaji  was introduced in the 1850s, as a fast Food meal for Mumbai’s textile mill workers, but  now Its everyone’s Favourite  fast food.

Discovery Of Pav-Bhaji!

Pav Bhaji was made as a midnight dish by street food peddlers, made with all the leftover vegetables from the day, mashed up together, with loads of added spice, and butter.

Bhaji which is a  Marathi word for a vegetable dish, and pav probably comes from the Portuguese word for bread.

Look and taste

A mixture of vegetables, which are mashed with the back of a ladle, or a potato masher, with a rich red-orange colour from the spice mixture. Pav Bhaji is a flavourful mixture of spicy and tangy, and is eaten with raw onions, a squeeze of lime and with a touch of butter.

How It is Prepared ?

The vegetable blend can vary based on season and availability, but generally includes peas, potatoes ,carrots and cauliflower which are usually boiled before being simmered with the spices and the Pav Bhaji masala.

It is served with crunchy onions and slivers of lime, coupled with butter-dripping, just-off-the-tawa pavs – pav bhaji is a street food favourite for good reason. Been Originated From Maharashtra,we can see Many versions of pav bhaji in different parts of India.

About the origination of pav bhaji :
Origin of Pav:

the Pav which is a bun or bread which is dipped in the bhaji.

We get some 2 pieces in it which we have to mix with the bhaji and eat. In Marathi language, The Pav means one-fourth and it was brought to India by the Portuguese peoples.

Indian people were making breads like chapattis before the Pav were Introduced.

And one more story  which was Funny was about the pav, the Flour was kneaded with the Feet to fasten the process, and thus the Pav name came.

Origin of Bhaji

The dish was created to satisfy the requirement of lunch for a textile mill workers. They were in search of a  sleazy, simple and quick to prepare which will be light but nutritious food. And thus the process of making it started in which they mixed all the vegetables and spices ! this is how we got our favourite fast food.

Depending upon there taste and special ingredients we have various types of Pav bhaji:

*Jain pav bhaji, without onions and garlic and with plantains instead of potatoes

*The Cheese pav bhaji, In which there is cheese on top of the bhaji

*The Kolhapuri pav bhaji, which is made using a spice mix common in Kolhapur

*The Fried pav bhaji, made with the pav tossed in the bhaji*The White pav bhaji, There is no garam masala or no chilli powder.

*The Paneer pav bhaji, It is served with paneer cheese in the bhaji

*The Mushroom pav bhaji, Mixedwith mushrooms in the bhaji

*The Khada pav bhaji, Contains  vegetable chunks in the bhaji


Here are some of the Places In Mumbai where you cab taste Delicious pav bhajis at very Affordable Cost!


Location: Outside CST station


A simple stall that serves pav bhaji to train passengers throughout the day. Here you can get a orange coloured mid spiced delicious bhaji and prices of pavs which are perfectly roasted in Butter.

Price:  40 Rs


Location : Tardeo

You will not able to stop yourself from having this delicious pav bhaji. The bhaji at this modest restaurant is lavishly decorated with touches of rich Amul butter, as is the pav.

price: for the Amul Pav Bhaji,it will cost 110Rs Only


Location: Chowpatty

This restaurant is serving the there for about decades and everyone who wants to have quick bites around chowpatty are welocomed here. It is served as hot in just about ten minutes with four crispy Pavs. You may want to take a minute to watch the butter melting into your bhaji.

Price: 100Rs only


Location: Juhu beach

See the sun set over the Arabian sea and lounge in a blanket of sand as you tuck into the rich pav bhaji served fresh from any of Juhu’s beach stalls. Eating Pav bhaji here is  a great Pleasure with the Nature’s Beauty.

Price: From  50 – 100Rs



Location: Thane

There’s lot to chosse from,this eatery serves regular plain pav bhaji, along with pav bhaji spin offs, like the Chowpatty pav bhaji, the Chinese pav bhaji (t tasty fusion) and the mushroom pav bhaji. Chosse any of them and whatever you decide on will be delicious. You have our serious guarantee.

price: 80rs for the regular Pav Bhaji


location: Borivali West

There is a restaurant that offers fun turns on the original pav bhaji. Offers various yummy pav bhajis  which are the black pav bhaji, the cheese palak pav bhaji and the masala pav bhaji.

price:for the regular pav bhaji will cost 120Rs


Location: Juhu

The Square serves a spicy pav bhaji with Rich butter.

Definitely one cannot ignore this tasty Pav bhaji.

While there’s nothing like eating a plate of pav bhaji standing next to a road side stall amidst traffic, some of us are seeking more comfortable dining options. Don’t have to give up on your beloved street food.

Price: 499Rs


Location: Colaba

Its very exciting to Enjoy the luxury of the plush Shamiana lounge with dipping into a steaming hot plate of pav bhaji. The view of the Gateway of India is a bonus there that you will get if you snag a table by the window.

Price: 1050 Rs

Pav-Bhaji is one of the Famous Fast food in Mumbai which everyone’s Love. The spicy taste of Pav bhaji and the Butter Makes people Fall in Love with It.

Ice Cream :

The Word “ice cream” Itself Puts Smile on Many of us. There are so many special childhood moments with Everyone with ice cream. One can enjoy it in any season and without any reason, the love for ice cream never decreases. A scoop of ice cream for sure will make your bad day into a special day. The joy of eating ice cream in cups or cone cannot be compared to anything, its very special. It is a wonderful and refreshing experience. The evolution was great which  changed throughout the years  from hand churned ice creams to faster modern techniques.

The Ice cream, which is a frozen dairy food made from cream or butterfat, milk, sugar, and flavourings. Frozen custard and French-type ice creams also contain eggs. There are  Hundreds of flavours which have been made so far, the most popular being vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

The Commercial ice creams which are  made by combining, under constant stir, the liquid ingredients (like milk, cream). These liquids are then  heated and combined with dry ingredients like sugar, stabilizers, dried eggs or milk to form a mix which is then purified and homogenized.

This  mix is matured for several hours in a refrigerated vat, then combined with finely cut fruit, nuts, or other solids. The mix is then  stirred while being frozen in order to incorporate air and control the size of the ice crystals that are formed. The partly frozen ice cream is moved off into packages and are  “hardened.”The one of the most unique example which is  So-called soft-service ice cream was invented in 1939, it was  served directly from the freezing machine without being allowed to harden.

How To make Home Made Ice cream?


To make a Homemade ice cream it is not as much complicated, it is  made with a base of boiled custard. Then mix with flavourings, which  is poured into a canister surrounded with ice and salt or a refrigerator unit. The contents of the canister are stirred by means of a hand crank or electric motor until the ice cream is softly frozen. Then it is placed in the Freezer to get frozen. This is How ice-Creams are made.



Here we have some of the famous Ice cream parlours In India where you should definately go!

1.Hazzel  Ice Cream Center Cafe

This is not just a store but a popular chain in the city of Hyderabad. Well known for their range of flavors sure to make you melt with joy. These flavours are So much  creamy and fresh. There are Tried and trusted flavors which  include Chocó Almond Fudge, Caffeine Ice Cream, Nutty Caramel, and Mango Delight. Not Only ice creams  they also offer shakes and smoothies

  2.K Rustom Ice Cream

It is a old and a known place in the South Mumbai area of Churchgate. It is positioned opposite the ambassador hotel, Veer Nariman Road. it is Very popular among the locals with flavours which have stolen many hearts through the times. If you are there then must surely try flavours such as chocolate walnut, rum n raisin, bitter chocolate, strawberry, and coffee. for their ice cream sandwiches, they are well known in the area.  Their ice creams have an unimaginable smooth texture which goes down softly in the throat after which melts into the mouth.

3.Jal Mahal Ice Cream Parlour

A parlor which is found at MI Road 85, Jaipur. It was Started in 1952 and has a reputation to live up to, we can have great number of Flavours there. There speciality is that they  try new creations and flavours at times on weekends, trendy and terrific flavors include a unique sundae and other flavours like  Manhattan chocolate, Belgian chocolate earthquake ice cream, and more which one must go for.

4.Corner House

Corner House which is found in Bangalore, Seshapchiram, 29/2, Nagappa Street. They are well known by its patrons for its Death By Chocolate which to say they make in a wonderfully well way would be an understatement, it has a mesmerizing excellent texture and a mind blowing flavor on melting in the mouth. Other items well worth a mention are their cake fudge, brownie sundae, dew drop sundae, hot fudge. The range of Chocolates ice cream are the best here.

5.India’s Hobby Centre


Placed at 1A Russell Street Kolkata, it is famous  as one of the oldest ice cream shop in the city.You will get  huge selection of ice cream and pastries here .known for being easy on the pocket , very budget priced.There are various  Popular items that include tutty fruity, banana sundae and much more to make you happy. A worth to try and for sure You will not be disappointed.

6.Sujata Mastani

It is a very famous shop with about 18 outlets in the city of Pune, more famous is the one located at Sadashiv Peth.because of its great quality of Ice creams it has very good reputation. The best and most interesting thing is that  They introduce a new flavour every month. They are very famous and  popular for their Mastanis (which is a combination of milkshake and ice cream). Most recommend items such as coffee chip ice cream, kaju draksha and litchi ice cream will make you fall in love with them.



This ice cream shop in Mumbai is one of the most oldest and has been running since 1971. They are in great demands for their handmade egg-less ice cream.There specaility flavors roasted almond and mango.There special  flavors like gulkand, tadgola and pan masala are the peoples loved Flavours. For ice cream lovers it is a perfect place which is  hitting the right notes in your mouth and will make you come back for more and more…

Ice Creams are the Most delicious food which one cannot Ignore to Have. It is Mostly preferred  in the summer days.



Know The History Of Biryani

Biryani has been decorated with all the distinctions and intensity of all the spices, there is  the richness of ghee and the elegance of basmati rice and the very special meat, the most desired among all. Biryani which is been influenced by the dolor of the Nawabs who witnessed the decadence of the Muslim rule in British India after the Great Mutiny of 1857. thus they put all their efforts in cooking, dance and music. We all know that as the poetry gets created from sadness, biryani was born from all the rich heritages, which the new era was going to liquidate.

know how the word Biryani come into existence ,biryani is either derived from the persian word ‘birinj’ which means rice or from a persian word ‘beryan’ which means fried.

beryan is a Persian word which insignificantly indicates that you would have to fry the rice in ghee or oil before cooking it with yakhni water.

Also,biryani which was said to be a  historical invention by the turkic soldiers which were  early medieval ethno-linguistic conglommeration of number of tribes, living in western and central Asia, broadly speaking, the uzbeks, turks, tartars, the uyghurs in 10–11th century A.D , who due to Less time and scope, used to make a bag of rice and meat which they slowly cooked in an earthen pot.

but they were unknown to the fact that  spices they used to add into this hotch-potch or even if they used to add salt to this will create magic !!!.

In the 16th century, the  Safavid dynasty persian beryan preferred biryani to be cooked with  with mutton or chicken marinated overnight in which they used  yoghurt and spices and herbs. decorated with fruits like pomegrenate seeds, prunes later placed in tannour for dum which was served with chelo or steamed rice. even the dum word comes from persia.

The word itself is enough to make you hungry let it be anytime and anywhere you are.. For those who love rice dishes, biryani is like heaven. And if  you Are a die-hard Biryani Lover ,then the below list of Types of Biryani will definately make you fall in love.

Here we have Some of the Famous and Most delicious types of biryanis All over from India:


  1. Lucknowi Biryani

This elegant dish is straight from the streets of Lucknow. The rice which is cooked separately in garden-fresh spices and after which marinated chicken is added to it. This technique was very successful which brings out the right amount of flavor in the rice and chicken. One just cannot say No to this dish!


  1. Hyderabadi Biryani

This is One of the most aromatic and savory dishes, Some may not know but  this biryani is is sprinkled with kewda, rose water and saffron. The rice which is  layered with golden fried onions, chillies, mint leaves and at last the fiery chicken. Eating this Dish with Raita is one of the best Food pleasures.


  1. Kalyani Biryani

its is very famous with the name poor man’s Hyderabadi biryani, made of small chunks of buffalo meat.It has the same richness and taste of Hyderabadi biryani without using the expensive ingredients.Though  It was originated during the time of the Kalyani Nawabs in Hyderabad the well-trained cooks managed to open local stalls and started serving the local population after the Loss of Nawabs.


  1. Sindhi Biryani


This dish is  loaded with finely slit chillies, coriander, fresh mint and roasted spices which makes it different from all  other biryani.In this biryani, Goat meat with appetizing-thick curry is added to the rice. when you Look the dish you will find it isbeautifully complemented with dry fruits, nuts and onion rings.



  1. Memoni Biryani

Coming From the the Gujarat-Sidh region,this is an extremely spicy type of biryani which Everyones loves  . It is made with lamb, yogurt, fried onions and potatoes. It is not like as the regular Sindhi biryani, in which there are very little tomatoes. There is also least use of food coloring because of which  the color of this biryani is not orange and which allows the rich colour of the meat and the spices to take over.


  1. Ambur Biryani

Ambur biryan is been originated from Tamil Nadu because of which it has a regular South Indian twist in its preparation. This Ambur biryani is a special meaty dish is Made with  dried chilli paste and whole spices. Brinjal masala makes this dish perfect and a  mouthwatering biryani .


  1. Kolkata Biryani

As like other Bengali dishes which are sweet , this  Kolkata biryani also has a sweet shade to it. The spices found in the recipe are much milder than other biryanis . Potato is the necessary ingredient in this delicious dish. The  rice which is layered with juicy meat and soft boiled eggs are used during Cooking.



  1. Mughlai Biryani

This  Mughlai Biryani was originated in the kitchens of the Nawabs and is One of the finest delicacies of India, . It is cooked with curd, Soft chicken pieces, almond paste, ghee, fiery green chillies and dry fruits. This dish is fit for royalty and It is very rich in taste.


  1. Awadhi Biryani

One of the  tastiest  of all vegetarian biryanis is this Awadhi biryani . Roasted spices are ground to give the dish a delicious taste.  for a heavenly feast, try it out with Serve it with ginger raita.


  1. Malabar Biryani



The Malabar biryani is one of India’s most loved recipes no doubt ,depending on your taste you can enjoy in sweet and salty flavours, . It is prepared with soft chicken wings, steamed rice,  mild and spices turmeric . The biryani is beautifully beautified with special dry fruits.

You will definitely Love each and every versions of Birynai which are isted above.Biryani’s are the Key attractions for  foodies in india,where people come from All over the world  comes  to taste different types of  Biryani with respect to there locations and uniqueness.


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